QuickTrav™ caters for all needs through it's flexible and modular design


QuickTrav's Database Query Manager enhances an application's standard reporting by allowing users to extract customised tabular information out of specific registers or tables within the application's database.


Users can thus specify what data to scan (primary data range), what information to display (columns), what records to include (filtering), how the data must be grouped (grouping and sorting).


Query results can be browsed interactively (i.e. users can double click on records to open the underlying documents) and can be printed from the browse. The results can also be emailed or dumped to file if the user has the necessary security level and if provided for by the relevant application.


A separate query facility is provided for each main data source within the application's database. E.g.:  In QuickTrav vouchers, separate query options are provided for the voucher register, invoice register and receipts register.


Queries can be built on the fly and discarded afterwards or the definitions can be saved for repetitive use and may also optionally be shared with other users