QuickTrav™ caters for all needs through it's flexible and modular design

Service Vouchers

QuickTrav Service vouchers automates the issuing of vouchers and offers a very cost-effective and efficient method to collect referral commission.


  • Produce professional looking vouchers bearing your Company logo with optional ASATA and IATA logos
  • E-mail vouchers in a secure PDF format
  • SMS vouchers to clients
  • Import QuickTrav Frontdesk bookings into a new Service Voucher
  • For referral commission, a monthly, combined tax invoice/statement is produced per supplier
  • Multi-branch functionality. Service vouchers caters for unlimited branches and divisions, with different company headers and logos
  • A powerful database query manager can quickly extract any required data, providing a vast array of reports
  • Foreign and multiple currencies are handled efficiently
  • Exporting of reports to Microsoft Office Excel or OpenOffice.org Calc , in a ready-to-send format
  • Import bill-back vouchers directly into a new invoice, QuickTrav invoicing will automatically update Service Vouchers with the QuickTrav Invoice number, effectively "closing" the voucher
  • Import "settle-direct" vouchers directly into a new invoice to reduce time spent on data capture
  • Easy look-up registers makes finding vouchers a breeze