QuickTrav™ caters for all needs through it's flexible and modular design


QuickTrav CarHire Vouchers is an easy to use system that automates the issuing of car vouchers and keeps track of the many voucher ranges held by Agents


  • QuickTrav CarHire produces professional looking car vouchers bearing your company logo, and that of the Car Rental Company
  • Authority levels can be set to only allow specific consultants to issue bill back vouchers
  • Keep track of all voucher ranges – a necessity in a large Corporate Agency
  • Users are alerted when voucher ranges are getting low
  • Transfer vouchers are catered for with free format drop off and pickup fields e.g. Avis Point-to-Point
  • Easy to use email and fax facilities
  • Email vouchers in secure PDF format
  • Sms Carhire vouchers to clients
  • Importing facility from QuickTrav FrontDesk reduces time spent on data capture
  • Efficiently track invoice and referral commission
  • Retrieve car vouchers into a new invoice, increasing accuracy and drastically reducing time spent on data capture
  • Query module enables multi-level reporting
  • Export reports to Microsoft Office Excel and OpenOffice.org Calc in a ready to read format, i.e. no formatting required
  • Easy look-up registers makes finding vouchers a breeze