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The QuickTrav PCI versions have just been completed and are in the final testing phase.

Installation has taken place today at our test sites.

Final versions are scheduled to be released next week Tuesday 27 February


We realise the timing is extremely tight in order to meet the official 28/02/2018 deadline and apologise in this regard.

The updates have taken much longer than anticipated due to the complexity of the PCI requirements.


We suggest that the updates be scheduled for installation immediately after your February month end (which you must ensure includes a backup of each module) or within the first 2 weeks of March.


The challenge is that ALL modules have to be exited and upgraded at the same time and there is no easy way to reverse the upgrade process, due to parts of the database getting encrypted.


This means the full QuickTrav system will be offline for up to a few hours during the upgrade process and must be scheduled accordingly so as not to disrupt the usual running of the business.


In our opinion, all concerned parties will accept a small implementation delay due to genuine business reasons.





The QuickTrav Team