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News & Tips

QT Update February 2015

Year-end procedure

There is no year end procedure required in the QuickTrav windows modules, with the exception of the General Ledger, where we recommend that you run a provisional year end.  The first time a provisional year end is run, the next financial year's ledger is automatically created, thereafter, simply run the provisional year end to provisionally update the new financial year's opening balances.  It is not necessary to run a final year end, this should only be run once the audit has been completed, any audit journals have been captured, and your GL accounts agree to the auditors annual financial statements.

CarHire Vouchers  - change name of a car hire range
We have recently had a lot of calls regarding Bidvest Car Hire needing car hire ranges renamed, e.g. Fly Thru.  In QuickTrav CarHire it is easy to customise range names. Click
here for more information (PDF format).

File Servers - General

Please note that you should consider replacing your file server approximately every 5 years and we suggest that you make provision for this in your budget   We have  over the years installed Linux servers at many smaller clients which run up to 8 years without any issues, if your server is 5 years or older, we recommend getting one of our technicians to check your server for drive reliability etc.

Linux is an open source (free) operating system which provides a reliable and efficient server solution, and even with the small installation charge, it is a fraction of the cost of windows' operating systems, which is why it tends to be a popular choice with our clients.

We often arrange with clients to purchase their servers and then we get the supplier to deliver the server to our office to be pre-loaded with Linux, prior to the installation.  This practice often leads to the misconception that Quick Software owns the file server, which is not the case and although we will assist with support of file servers and any technical issues.  The server belongs to the client and all technical support is charged at the applicable consultant rates.

Power Failures & Servers
With all the recent Power outages and problems, please ensure that your file server has an uninterruptible power supply (U.P.S.) attached and that the U.P.S is working and serviced at least once every year.  The on-battery runtime of most U.P.S.'s is relatively short (only a few minutes) which gives the user sufficient time to properly shut down the file server.

Note: UPS batteries will not last indefinitely, normal battery life expectancy is 4 years, which is dependent of frequency of use, environmental factors such as heat and humidity. 

Note: the file server must be switched on and up and running before the user sets.  Often when the power is resumed the server and user sets all come on together, resulting in the user sets not seeing the file server.  To connect to the to the server users can run the print.bat or restart their computers.


Please note that it is of the utmost importance that daily backups are made of your QuickTrav applications and we would recommend that you nominate a responsible person within your Organisation to perform this critical function.

To shorten the time it takes to do backups we developed QuickTrav Backup Manager, which backs up all QuickTrav applications to memory stick, or can be configured to Dropbox (Cloud backups) This module is free of charge to all Quick Software customers, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.