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The QuickTrav modules, which have recently been upgraded to the PCI versions, will handle the VAT changes from 14% to 15% correctly. Please ensure that the VAT tables are updated once March month-end has been run and before any transactions are processed for April.

Prior to running month end- Invoicing Module only

Please ensure that ALL March tickets are Invoiced before closing Invoicing month-end for March. 

Do not run month-end until this is done. Failure to do so, will result in the wrong VAT rate being used int the calculation of VAT in VAT Inclusive Taxes.

We strongly urge that you consider delaying your month-end slightly to ensure that all tickets are invoiced.  

**NB**Once Month-end has been run in Invoicing, Service Voucher and Front Desk Modules

 Ensure that the VAT Tables are updated BEFORE capturing any new transactions.

To change the VAT Tables in the the above mentioned modules

Go to [Set up] - [Global] - [VAT]


  • Change the Standard Output (Code S) rate to 15%
  • Create a new VAT Type for Old Standard Output VAT using (Code O) which should be set at 14% which may be needed for adjustments.


Please click here for a detailed document on how to apply the VAT changes.


Note - No changes are required for the Car Hire and Main Module as they use Invoicing tables.


Windows General Ledger

For each ledger that you work on that will contain April or later transactions, please change the VAT Tables before capturing the April 2018 transactions.


Please click here for instructions on how to change the VAT Tables in the General Ledger.


Version updates

We will be releasing new versions of QuickTrav modules with some enhancements and improvements i.r.o VAT in due course. These can be scheduled to be updated before April month-end or when convenient.